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40 years of experience in education- EF Education

40 years of experience in education

EF Education was founded in Sweden in 1965 with the mission of breaking
down barriers of language, culture, and geography. Today, EF is the world’s
largest privately owned educational organization, committed to language
learning, educational travel, cultural exchange and academic programs.
EF has more than 26,000 employees, teachers, and volunteers, with
offices and schools in more than 50 countries. Over the past four decades,
EF’s educational programs have helped people of all nationalities
become global citizens.



EF Educational Tours

EF Educational Tours enables teachers to enrich their students’ education through international travel. As students experience the world’s history, cultures, business environment and
natural treasures firsthand, classroom lessons take on new meaning and significance. EF
strives to incorporate the curriculum into every educational tour. All of EF’s educational
tours feature science, business or humanities in the itineraries.
Schools are able to travel with security and confidence, knowing that every EF educational
the tour includes flights, ground transportation, comfortable hotel accommodation, select meals,
the guidance of a full-time tour director and the support of EF’s worldwide presence.


Educational Collaborations

EF is the only educational travel organization
to work with the following powerhouse
educational organizations to deliver the
most engaging and educational itineraries
• Apple
• Commission on International Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA)
Disney’s Youth Education Series (YES)
• Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
• Partnership for 21 st Century Skills
EF has joined with principals and other education experts. Together we aim to improve
our tours with school curriculum in mind and
to ensure our service best suits your needs.

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