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Home Décor Startup Skycandle.in Crosses Break Even Phase, Ready to Touch Profitability

One of India’s emerging home décor online store, Skycandle.in recently announced that it has successfully achieved its break even by hitting big sales targets in India and reached its stage of operational  profitability  in  the  financial  year  2016-2017.  In  an  age,  when  Indian  startup companies are struggling to get their feet into the retail market, it is a significant achievement on  the  part  of  Skycandle.in  to  cross  this  break  even  phase  in  Indian  ecommerce  sector  this financial year.

Backed  by  GPA  group,  the  company  is  currently  serving  3000  orders  on  a  daily  basis.  Vivek Agarwal,  the  Chairman,  GPA  Group  believes  “Skycandle.in  looks  very  promising  and  has managed to achieve break even phase in quarter 1’’. He firmly believes in the fundamentals of the company and motivates the entire team in moving forward.

Break even, an important analytical tool predicts the future of a company. This break-even is a juncture  when  a  company  enjoys  no  profit no  loss,  which  indicates  that  it  has  covered  all  the expenses,  incurred  since  its  inception  and  has  generated  enough  revenue  to  manage  its ongoing expenses.  It is only when a startup crossed this level, profit starts pouring.

The major part of its revenue comes from selling home décor products to different customers online across the country via its own website, as told by its co-founders Gaurav and Aditee who created  this  start  up  in  2015  to  cater  home  décor  needs  of  common  Indians  and  went  on  to conquer the retail market via the digital medium.

“We  are  currently  preparing  ourselves  for  the  festive  season  and  targeting  an  average  order book of 3500 on daily basis” as told by Gaurav Garg, Founder and MD  Skycandle.in. The startup has already expanded and operating pan India on 19,000 pin codes. The top level management of Skycandle.in believes in the strength of skilled labor and considers their team as their most valuable asset.

A  factor  contributed  to  the  growth  of  Skycandle.in  is  that  it  never  spent  money  on  flashy marketing display,  advertisements  and  other  promotional  mediums, rather  it tried  doing  over the last one and half years was making quality home décor items available for common people. They believe in delivering quality goods and best price to their customers at any circumstance. Now, Skycandle.in is looking forward to double up its revenue by the end of this fiscal year.

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