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Bengali Bridal Hairstyle AND Beauty services at home in Mumbai

Bengali Bridal Hairstyle AND Beauty services at home in Mumbai



Bengal is the state of tradition and culture. It has the history of older than 600 years ago. Lots of Singers and Freedom fighters as well as writers are born in Bengal. The tradition of Bengal is amazing and awesome. You will be amazed after knowing the secrete of Bengali Bridal makeup. It took days for the gil to get Bengali Bridal Makeup at any parolour or at home. When there is a wedding in any Bengali House, The Bridal get confused and tensed with herb bridal makeup and bridal hairstyle. Because, Bengali Bridal makeup is not easy and they don’t want to go outside to any parlor for Bridal services because They want Bridal Makeup services at home .

Some Beauty Tips for the Bengali Bridal Hairstyle

The decorative bun look:



 decorative bridal bun hairstyle




Small portions of hair are twisted and swirled and then pinned to create a bun like illusion. Again, the hair is divide in three portions. Two small portions on the two sides are braided, and the middle portion is created into a bun. The two braids are then placed around the bun to give fuller and attractive look. Again a great hairstyle for women with short or mid length hair.




 Embellished braids style




Though buns are the most commonly opted hairstyle by Bengali brides, the embellished braids are slowly making their place in our tradition as well. Decorated with flowers and hair accessories, these braided hairstyles look great on women with long hair. The normal braids can also be replaced with the French braids, they are easy to carry and looks classy and elegant. The braids then again can be made into a bun.



 Spanish updos bridal hairstyle




This hairstyle is created with half updo and half curly drops. Tie the upper portion of the hair in rolled up buns, swirls and puffed buns, then curl and drop open the lower portion. You can use different hair accessories to jazz up the whole look.


Though buns happen to be the traditional hairstyle of Bengali wedding look, but different hairstyle can be opted if you want a unique look for your day. Hope you liked the compilations.

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